Maintenance instruction

For maintaining oil finished floors Oil Refresher is an oil/soap combination used for regular cleaning and maintenance of oiled wood floors. Oil Refresher, available in natural and white, combines efficient cleaning with re-oiling as additional oil penetrates into the wood, forming a protective layer within the surface of the floor. This means longer wear before re-oiling. Oil Refresher should not be used more than four times per year as this may create unwanted build-up. Floors requiring more frequent cleaning should be cleaned with WOCA Soap (Master Soap for commercial areas) with intermittent use of Oil Refresher up to four times per year.

Clean your floor with WOCA Oil Refresher only when dirty.
The Oil Refresher solution not only cleans and nourishes oiled floors but also forms a protective film on the floor after drying, making future cleaning quicker and easier.
Never applyOil Refresher to an oiled floor until at least 36 hours after the last oil application.


Maintenance video for DB(M) series



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