Mini air compressors

The air intake and exhaust is generated through compressing the piston back and forth from the motor drives the eccentric wheel forward. Dry running piston pump with best performance for high pressure and withstand the most rugged operating conditions. Air compressors are used in a wide range of situations and well suited for applications requiring high pressure, such as nail painting, body painting, spray painting, staple gun and labortory appliances...etc.. 
More specification with suction function is in the process of development to serve in the field of medical appliances. 

Mini air compressor

Dry running piston compressor is designed in AC version for appliances required high pressure and rugged opearting conditions. 
Features of mini air compressor is easy to carry, lightweight and portable with compact and simplify outlooks and design to easy operation, multifunctional air filter provides superior performance and keep continuing working possible, over pressure protected and safety protected device to keep the outstanding longlife span. 
Performance ranges are from 15~30LPM(0.53~1.06CFM) free flow to 2.8~4.2kg/cm2(39.76~59.64psi) Operating range pressure. 

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