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Coarse bubble diffusers are typically used in activated sludge and industrial wastewater treatment. They are ideal for secondary treatment phase and equalization basin mixing / aeration. Due to air mass coming from the larger holes drilled at coarse bubble membrance disk, it can resist for clogging and corrosion.

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Coarse Bubble membrane diffuser Disk_ALo180DC

Technical Data    /    Model      ALo80DC  ALo130DC ALo180DC
Material Rubber membrane TPR EPDM  EPDM 
Retaining clamp - PP+ GF PP+ GF
Support disk ABS PP+ GF PP+ GF
Diameter  3" (80mm)   5" (130mm)   7" (180mm)  
Airflow range (LPM) 40~80 40~100 40~100
Connection of air inlet 1/2" PT, MALE   3/4" PT, MALE   3/4" PT, MALE  


Possible Applications:

  • Aeration for wastewater treatment
  • Intermittent operation capability
  • Aeration of clean water treatment
  • Sludge stabilization
  • Aeration for streams, fish ponds and lake





  • High oxygen transfer rate efficiency
  • Low pressure loss
  • Energy cost efficiency
  • Easy and simple installation



Dimension & Packaging (mm):

Packaging of ALo180DC Carton Pallet 
Quantity (pcs) 50 900
N.W. (kg) 10.50 189.00
G.W. (kg) 11.50 222.00
Dimension (mm) / L*W*H 605*330*270  1080*990*1360