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The fine bubble membrane diffuser tube is easy and simple installation for wastewater treatment system. It can generate a lot of very small bubbles from the holes drilled at air diffuser disc. Plenty of small bubbles can generate sufficient oxgen transfer which can help the bacterial to produce enzymes and then break down the waste, so it can be filtered by membranes. Furthermore, the high oxygen transfer rate efficiency can save your energy cost and prevent clogging when the air pump is not operating.

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Fine Bubble membrane diffuser Tube_ALo300T

Technical Data    /    Model      ALo300T     ALo300FT ALo600T ALo600FT ALo1000T  
Material Rubber membrane   EPDM    
Retaining clamp 304 / 316 Stainless steel
Support tube ABS
Diameter  65*300mm   40*300mm 65*600mm   40*600mm 65*1000mm
Airflow range (LPM) 40~80 40~60 40~100 40~80 40~180
Weight (kg)  0.36 0.18 0.68 0.35  
Connection of air inlet (FEMALE) 3/4" PT   3/8" PT  3/4" PT 3/8" PT   
Operation temperature range (℃) 0~80
 Size of bubble (mm) 1~3



Possible Applications:

  • Aeration for wastewater treatment
  • Intermittent operation capability
  • Aeration of clean water treatment
  • Sludge stabilization
  • Aeration for streams, fish ponds and lake





  • High oxygen transfer rate efficiency
  • Low pressure loss
  • Energy cost efficiency
  • Easy and simple installation



Dimension & Packaging (mm):

Packaging of ALo300T Carton Pallet 
Quantity (pcs) 40 720
N.W. (kg) 18.00 324.00
G.W. (kg) 19.00 357.00
Dimension (mm) / L*W*H 605*330*270 1080*990*1360