Diaphragm pumps


AM series of BLDC diaphragm pump is designed in DC version for air handling in medical and laboratory automated appliances. We can make specific design solutions according to customized applications or OEM professionals. 
Features of brushless motor is long lifespan, compact size, low noise, high reliability and easy maintenance. 
Performance ranges are from 6.5~6.9LPM(0.23~0.24CFM) free flow to 490.5~686.7mbar(7.1~9.94psi) Maximum Pressure, Vacuum levels to 325~375mbar(4.68~5.39psi).


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Diaphragm pump AM5

Model No. Voltage(VDC)  Working Pressure Range  Max. Airflow (LPM)  AMP(A)
AM5 12 -30kPA ~ 0.045MPa 6.5 0.3
AM5H 24 -30kPA ~ 0.045MPa 6.5 0.15    


Performance curve:


Possible Applications:

  • Air mattress / Air bed
  • Lymphedema compression garments
  • Negative pressure wound therapy 
  • Low frequency therapeutic equipment
  • Massage chair
  • Recovery system
  • Gas Generators 
  • Lab Automation 
  • Scientific & instruction device
  • Fuel cell systems
  • Scent equipment
  • Electro-mechanical systems
  • Low fog machine
  • The printing industry -- inkjet printer, inkjet printer

Dimension & Packaging (mm):

Packaging of AM5 Box   Carton Pallet 
Quantity (unit) 1 50 1,600
N.W. (kg) 0.22 11.00 352.00
G.W. (kg) 0.24 12.72 421.42
Dimension (mm) / L*W*H 83*70*50 381*278*209 1150*950*986


Performance data for AM5_12VDC Download
Performance data for AM5H_24VDC Download
Exploded drawing Download